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Last week, We sold one 2000 liters dust test chamber for our customer. The testing room sizie: 1200*1200*1500mm (W*D*H), 2000 liters, This sand dust test chamber mainly a custom size, Because the testing sample is quite big. for example: solar panels, The maximum load weight: 250 kgs. If you have a 400 kgs or 500 kgs testing sample, Please let me know.


Not only the 2000 liters dust test chamber, We also can manufacuture the smaller size dust test chamber, such as 1000 liters, 500 liters, The testing spec we mainly refer MIL STD 810 B – G 510.5 Proc I and II, ISO 20653:2006, GB4208GB, T2423.37-198, If you have any other testing spec requirement, Please inquiry to us.

dust test chamber


Model # WEW-SC-2000C
Testing Room (mm) 1200*1200*1500
External Dimension 1330*1720*2700
Temp Range RT +10C ~70C 
Vibration Time 0 hour-999 Hour
Test Time 0 hour-999 Hour
Time Accuracy ±1 Minute
Relative Humidity 45%~75%
Mesh Diameter 50 um
Wire Spacing 75 um
Stone Powder Quantity 2-4 kg/m3
Testing Hole 50, 100mm(optional)
Voltage Supply AC 220V, 50/ 60Hz

dust test chamber
● Controller Features: Adopting the computer technology to measure and control environment temperature and dust, and the controller is used with sand dust test chamber respectively.
● Program Editor: You can edit the 120 set of programs, each program can edit the 100 largest segment; Products show a clear intuitive, flexible program design control system easy to operate, stable performance and more efficient work.

Touch Screen Resolution  640×480, 5.7 inch colored touched screen (64K colors)
Two Control Modes Constant Value / Programable
Sensor Type PT100 Temperature Sensor
Output Modes PID control output / 4-20mA analog output (1-5V) / (0-10V) can be arbitrarily chosen;
Control Output Signal
a. 8 way switch auxiliary control signal (IS, T, AL control signal);
b. Standard 10 switch signal relay output (Optional 20 relay).
Temperature Measurement Accuracy  ± 0.2 Degree Centigrade
Special Features Blowing dust, Vibration, Vacuum;
Communication Interface RS232 / RS485, most long-distance communication 1.2km [fiber up to 30km]);
Interface Language Type Chinese / English / Russian


dust test chamber

● Features 1: The inner material for dust test chamber made of SUS304 stainless steel. Galvanized sheet shell with electrostatic spraying. Chamber door attached to the observation window, the lower part of the door to the electrical control area, simulated sand and dust of talcum powder hopper into the lower chamber.
● Features 2: Using circulating fan and automatic make jar talc through 75 micron square hole mesh upper blowing studio, prompting the formation of high-density fog test the sample.
● Features 3: Chosen time setting of continuous, periodic blowing dust is arbitrarily . Sand dust test chamber with scraping dust visible glass door for easy observation test sample in test cabinets. Taiwan TAIAN time controller (SG5-10RE-A) control blowing dust , lighting and vibration cycle.

dust test chamber


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