Packing before Shipment

Many customers want to know how we packing before shipment. Let me taken some photos as below mentioned to make the customer eaiser understand how we packing before shipment.

The mainly packing material we use the fumigation material, plywood. This type material is international and friendly for your local custom request. Air bubble bag, foams, moistureproof, bundling belt mainly used inside the packing close the envionmental chambers.
Today we are preparing a packing before shipment. There are 6 pcs environmental chambers we are packing now. 2 pcs salt fog chambers, 1 pc rain test chamber, 1 pc sand dust chamber, 1 pc temperature oven.
Packing before Shipment
Use protective film wrap in each environmental chamber, packing with 3 layers, to prevent the equipment due to collision, squeeze by the surface damage. Before wrap the protective films, make sure has clean the dust and remove the water from the envrionmental chambers.

Packing before Shipment
Use a forklift to place each environmental chamber on a chassis with sufficient capacity. Make sure the bottom pallet will afford the environmental chambers weight, and keep the bottom pallet in the same horizon level.
Packing before Shipment
The plywood case box tied with a cross shape of the tie, pad sponge and cartons, to prevent any shake and movement during shipping period. This is very important, especially you are doing a truck transport and unload the cargo with your electric fork-lift truck.

Packing before Shipment

Under each wheel of the environmental chamber, use the plywood to have a right-angled triangle to secure the wheel’s position to prevent the environmental chamber moving. Packing before shipment is so important and we must make sure each step work is useful and professional.
Packing before Shipment
The black foams is necessary and important packing before shipment. When you fasten the cross strap, there may occur a dents on the corner edge of the environmental chamber. Use the foams on the place where the cross strap accross, Can avoid any dents risk on the corner or edge of the environmental chamber.

Packing before Shipment
Use the nails gun to seal all the boxes and wait for shipment. All these are the whole process of our packaging, We enter the greatest efforts to provide customers with the most secure packaging services. So please don’t worry about our packing before shipment.
Packing before Shipment


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