2017-05-24 Shipment

Today we shipped one pc 408 liters environmental test chamber for Italy customer, This is a Lamborghini chamber and equiped with Thermostatic valves, Bypass valve in both circuit; Part used of the following company : Schneider, Gavazzi, Omron, Danfoss, Sporlan, Emerson, Unitè Hermetique, Bitzer and so on
Wire colors: Black for the power 220/380V with exception of neutral that should be blue, ground of yellow/green color, 24 Vac of red color, 24 Vdc of gray color
Cooling rate > 2°C/min according to CEI EN 60068-3-5

● This environmental camber able to start cooling with compressor form the highest temperature (180°C depending on the range of the chamber)
● The cooling rate calculated following the CEI EN 60068-3-5 must be 2-2.5°C/min
● The refrigeration system must be upgradable with bypass valve (Hot gas valve)to permit the compressor running while are not present any request (cold o dehumidification)
● In the refrigeration system, installed all thermostatic valves and not capillary, Testing hole:50mm
● The isolation of the chamber be done with PU Foam (100mm) + Glass wool installed directly in contact to the chamber



environmental test chambers shipment

environmental test chambers shipment


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