Stability Test Chamber

Stability Test Chamber

Stability Test Chamber, It can be used in painstaking research of pharmaceutical industry, medical industry, biological technology industry and other industries related to life science. To prove the shelf life of a drug in a certain market, the manufacturer must store it at a relevant temperature and humidity for a specified time. Some medical institutions buy the stability test chambers for important drugs medicine stockpile purpose, Like the storage for patient’s drugs and pills.
According to GMP principle, constant and stable test conditions of 25°C/60% RH shall be maintained. The drug stability test chambers in the stability test chambers field of pharmaceutical industry, the standard of 40°C/75% RH shall remain for 6 months in acceleration test, mainly simulating the temperature, humidity and illumination.
The most common conditions are 25°C/60% RH. For a new product accelerated conditions may be 40°C/75% RH. Other conditions include 30°C/65% RH, 30°C/35% RH and 25°C/40% RH. Another condition is 5°C ±3°C for products intended to be stored in a refrigerator. For products intended for storage in a freezer the test conditions are -20°C ±5° C. I mean the application for stability test chambers.

Model # Volume Size (W*D*H/ mm) Voltage  (V/HZ) Power Temperature Net Weight
WE-25C090 90L 620*545*0845 220/50,60 V 87W -10 ~-25 ºC 45 kgs
WE-25C135 135L 620*540*1120 220/50,60 V 100W -10 ~-28 ºC 55 kgs
WE-25C208 208L 620*600*1775 220/50,60 V 115W -10 ~-25 ºC 75 kgs
WE-25C270 270L 620*600*1750 220/50,60 V 120W -10 ~-28 ºC 90 kgs
WE-25C530 530L 950*850*2000 220/50,60 V 150W -10 ~-25 ºC 235 kgs

stability test chamber



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