Temperature Humidity Chamber

Temperature Humidity Chamber

Temperature humidity chamber is used to test material structure or composite, in the high temperature and ultralow temperature continuous environment. Suitable for electronic, LED lighting industry, auto parts, chemical industry, building materials, mobile computers, batteries, plastic, metal, rubber etc.material.
Under condition of high and low temperature change, test various performance reliability index of related product spare parts and materials for institutions of higher learning, scientific research units etc. Temperature humidity chamber can be used as the basis of improving product or reference.

Temperature Humidity Chamber

● The features of temperature and humidity chamber: Rational Construction and fast cooling rate
● Frequency conversion control of wind speed.
● Adopts international brand of imported parts for cooling system to improve operation reliability
● Touch screen controller, friendly Man-machine interface and safety device to ensure simple operation and easy maintenance.
Being a first-class supplier and reliable partner, WEWON are certified to ISO 9001 and got CE approval for all our products. All Temperature test chamber are 7 x 24 hours tested before delivery. That explains why WEWON is the private brand of choice for many well-known brand enterprises, and also one of the very few designated suppliers who were recognized by many top 500 enterprises.
● Dedicatetouch and excellent user set up experience
● Unique and compact design, top grade appearance, stable performance and easy operation
● Can simulate a wide rang of temperature and humidity environments
● Capable of testing large components, assemblies, and finished products
● Customized sizes and configurations available for temperature and humidity chambers
● One year warranties, Two years continuous remote control maintenance guidance.

temperature humidity chamber


Model # TH-064 TH-080 TH-150 TH-225 TH-408 TH-800 TH-1000
Test Volume 64L 80L 150L 225L 408L 800L 1000L
Temperature Range -60℃~ +150℃ -70℃~ +150℃ -70℃~ +150℃ -70℃~ +150℃ (180℃) -70℃~ +150℃ (180℃) -70℃~ +150℃ (178℃) -70℃~ +150℃ (180℃)
Humidity Range 20%~ 95% 10%~ 95% 10%~ 95% 10%~ 95% 10%~ 95% 10%~ 95% 10%~ 95%
Temp Uniformity ±0.5~ ±1.0℃ ±0.5~ ±1.0℃ ±0.5~ ±1.0℃ ±0.5~ ±1.0℃ ±0.5~ ±1.0℃ ±1.0~ ±2.0℃ ±1.0~ ±2.0℃
Heating Rate 2℃~ 3℃/min 2℃~ 5℃ 2℃~ 5℃ 3℃~ 5℃ 3℃~ 5℃ 3℃~ 5℃ 3℃~ 5℃
Cooling Rate 1℃~ 2℃/min 1℃~ 2℃ 1℃~ 2℃ 1.5℃~ 2℃ 1.5℃~ 2℃ 2℃~ 3℃ 2℃~ 3℃
Refrigerant R404A R23 R508 R404A R23 R508 R404A
Compressor Tecumseh (France)  Bizter (Germany) Tecumseh (France)  Bizter (Germany) Tecumseh (France)  Bizter (Germany) Tecumseh (France) 
Control System TEMI 880 TEMI 1500 TEMI 2700 KOREA OYO 1200 JAPAN OPTIONAL
Inner Size (W*D*H) 400x400x400 400x400x500 500x500x600 500x600x750 600x800x850 1000x800x1000 1000x1000x1000
Outer Size (W*D*H) 600x1060x1250 600x1060x1410 700x1160x1510 700x1260x1660 800x1410x1760 1180x1410x1890 1180x1610x1890
Gross Weight 225 280 350 425 485 650 770


temperature humidity chamber
temperature humidity chamber

Technical Parameters for MODEL: WEW-0800L-TH Part 1
Technical Specification for MODEL: WEW-0800L-TH Part 2
Data Sheets Temperature Humidity Chamber
The Chamber Photo Environmental Chamber
CE Certification-EMC-Temperature & Humidity Chamber
CE Certification-LVD-Temperature & Humidity Chamber
OYO Temperature and Humidity Chambers Controller User Manual 1
OYO Temperature & Humidity Chambers Controller Operation Manual 2
Youtube movies on cooling rate testing process for 408 Liters environmental test chamber. The 180C hot temperature testing without any deform. This is quite competitive ! For future, We will doing the hot temperature on 200C hot tempreature challenge.
Installation Manual for TEMI 2500 (English)
Operation Manual for TEMP 2500 (Russian)
Installation Manual for TEMI 2700 (English)
Operation Manual for TEMP 2700 (English)
CE Certification for SAMWON TEMI Controllers
Programme for TEMI Controller Connect with Computer
The Temperatrue Humidity Sensor Spec for PT 100
Main Product Lines Verification Report by Alibaba
Products Catalog Temperature Humidity Chamber
Company Profile Temperature Humidity Chamber
Products Profiles Temperature Humidity Chamber

● Regarding the temperature and humidity chamber’s controller, We have two options. Solution A : Japan OYO Controller, which support USB, RS232, Wifi by Cell Phone, This controller we will equip on the top area of door for envrionental chamber.
● Solution B : Korea TEMI 800/ 1500 Controller, which support SD Card, Ethernet Port connect your computer. This controller we will equip in the right side of the temperature and humidity chamber. Please refer below photos with thanks. The customer can order solution A or solution B as the control system for options. When orders period, Please let us know. Thank you.
temperature and humidity chamber's controller

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