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1. We have a customer bouhgt a tumble tester from us. I have taken some photos before this tumble tester leave our factory. If you have the interest and want to know more details for tumble tester, Please send me an inquiry, Then I will feedback you timely.
2. Tumble tester, tumble test machine for mobile phones, PDA, electronic dictionaries, CD, MP3, remote control and other small portable electronic products for continuous rotation drop test. After many drops of testing, set the number of drops by the counter to assess the ability of the product to resist dropping.
3. Testing standard according with GB/T2423.8-1995, IEC60068-2-32, BS EN 60068-2-32, JIS C 60068-2-32, MIL-STD-202G (Method 203C), IEC 60312, DIN 60312, If you choose the other testing standard, Pleaes let us know. We will check if our tumble tester meet your requirement or not.
tumble tester

Tumble tester with an unique designcan meet the 500 or 1000mm drop height test, and up to simultaneously test two mobile phones.
The tumble tester adopts the Taiwan-made speed motor drive and governor for the rotation speed set, and by the synchronous pulley / transmission, starting and stopping the noise is very low, smooth operation. tumble test machine
Easy to operate the control panel design, the frequency can be directly displayed, can be jogging control to facilitate the loading and unloading test pieces, arrived at the set number of times will alarm.
Using the LCD display can be preset counter count, with electrical memory function, to reach the set number of automatic shutdown. tumble test machine


tumble tester

Sample MAX Weight 5 kgf
Drop Distance 500mm (1set), 1000mm (1set)
Drop Frequency 5~20 time/minute
Drop Times 1~ 99999 times
Roller Quantity 1*1000mm, 1*500mm, 2pcs
Power Supply AC 220V, 50Hz, 60Hz, 5A
Tumble Tester Size W1600*D1310*H1600mm
Net Weight 125 kg


tumble tester

Tumble test machine can be divided into: single drum tumble test machine, double drum tumble test machine, four roller tumble test machine. There are a lot of applications… effectively if it’s handheld, used on a bench top, or liable to be dropped, banged of bumped during it’s life then tumble testing is a valuable test to run.

tumble tester
Not only tumble tester, We also have the drop test machine, falling weight impact tester, drop weight impact tester for your choice, They are the mainly tumble tester and drop test solutions, If you have environmental test chambers as well, Please let me know. Thank you.

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