UV Test Chambers

UV test chambers have been developed to provide a UV weathering. The UV simulates the effect of sunlight with fluorescent ultraviolet (UV) lamps, while rain and dew are simulated by the condensation of humidity. As stated previously, the UV light only represents roughly 5% of the sunlight but it is responsible for most of the polymer degradation. Also, materials are often tested with equipment, which simulate only the shortest wavelengths (UV). The UV-B range includes the shortest wavelengths found in sunlight. Therefore, for many applications, it is a fast and efficient method.
UV test chambers uses two main types of lamps: UVA-340 and UVB-313. While these lamps have different light emission spectrum, they are both characterized by a maximum of emission in the UV range. UVA provides a reasonable match of the UV region of the solar spectrum, but this match is no longer valid for the long wavelengths (visible, IR).

UV Test Chambers

UVB lamps also emit UV light, but the maximum of the emission spectrum is shifted towards short wavelengths compared to the UVA lamps. The UVB-313 lamp is a widely used type of fluorescent UV lamp that provides fast test results. However, the spectrum contains short wavelengths, which are not present in the solar radiation.
● Feature: Stainless steel SUS#304 made, easy setting operation. Ventilation measurement function.
● Wing diffusion supply air circulation system, fresh air ventilation can be arbitrary adjustment.
● Internal rotary free dismantling, Suspension frame motors speed is 8-10 rpm. UV Test Chambers
● Optional accessories( Temp. Recorder, calibrated rack for 9 points calibration)
● Best after sales service: One year free parts maintenance. Meet international test standards.
Introduction & Application: UV test chambers simulates the environment of high temperature atmospheric pressure environment, which is used to heat resistance test for electrical insulation, ventilation aging test of electronic parts, plasticizing product, leather textile test, treatment of mandatory ventilation, etc.

We can choose the UV light wavelengths depending on different test requirements, since every UV radiation and wavelength of the light is not same. Usually, UV lamps can be divided into UVA and UVB. More details check and custom requirement, Please inquiry us by mail.

UV Test Chamber


Type and Description WE-UV600-C WE-UV800-C
Test Sample Quantity About 40 pieces with dimension of 150×75mm
Chambers Size (D×W×H) 500×1300×1450mm 550×1500×1500mm
Temperature Range RT+10℃~70℃ RT+10℃~70℃
Humidity Range ≥95%R.H ≥95%R.H
Humidity Uniformity Within ±2% Within ±2%
Temperature Uniformity Within ±1C Within ±1C
Temperature Fluctuation Within ±0.5C Within ±0.5C
Distance From Sample to Light 50mm 50mm
Ultraviolet Wavelength 290nm~400nmUV-A 290nm~400nmUV-A
Lamp Power 40W 40W
Sink Depth Requirement Control Automatically  
Board Temperature 40℃~65℃ 40℃~65℃
Test Time 0-999H (can be adjustable)  
Function 01 The chamber is with spray function  
Function 02 The chamber with spray function  
Temperature Controller With Taiwan Delta touch screen controller Japan Mitsubishi PLC control system
Time Controller Japan Omron time controller  
Light Heating System Totally independent systems, Nickel-chromium alloy electric heater
Humidification System All stainless steel shallow surface Evaporative humidifier
Water Supply System Supply water automatically  
Exposure Mode Exposure with moisture Condensation and light radiation
Safety Protection Leakage, short circuit, over-temperature, water shortages, Over-current protect/controller power memory protection

UV Test Chamber

UV Test Chamber


Question 1. Explain what is the relationship between UVA and nm ? UV Test Chambers
Answer: The wavelength range: 315~400nm, we named it’s UVA light.
Question 2. UVB lamps degrade material quicker than UVA lamps … correct ? Why ?
Answer: The wavelength range: 280~315nm, we named it’s UVB light. Because it’s short wavelength, It maks the testing material with a faster degradation.
Question 3. What is Irradiance ?
Answer: Irradiance is the unit, the lighting/ lamp’s strength. Unit: W/m2
Question 4. Is the test data downloaded to a spreadsheet or other format ?
Answer: Yes, You can use a USB and take it into the USB port of UV test chamber. The test data will transfer to USB automaticlly, You can check the data by computer by Excel formt.
Question 5. Single or Three phase power ?
Answer: We have single phase 230V, 50Hz, and three phase 380V, 50Hz for your options.
Question 6. Does Wewontech also provide color identification test units? For instance I would place my material into the UV test unit and I’d like to measure the change in color (if any) from before test and after test.
Answer: We don’t have the color identification equipment. If you found a good supplier from China, We can buy it for you and shipping to you together with our UV test chamber.
Question 7. How long does it take to simulate a 12 month test? And do you simply double this time frame for a 24 month test? Triple for a 36 month test, etc ?
Answer: It depends on different testing environmental. For examples, In Guangdong, China, The outdoors temperature range: +15– +20C, Testing 1 day in UV test chamber equal to simulate 28-30 days for outdoors test.
Question 8. Can you pause a 36 month test at the 12 and 24 month point to inspect and record information ? I means UV Test Chambers
Answer: Normally, The deterioration degree is nonlinearity, It can not doing a simple adding way !
Youtbe Movie 1: Contorl Panel Introduce for Wewon’s UV Test Chamber, OYO Controller, Touch Screen, 7 inches
Youtbe Movie 2: Mainly Structure Introduction for Wewon’s UV Test Chamber, Model : WE-UV600-C
Youtbe Movie 3: UV test chamber water supply systems introduction, Two ways for water input for UV testing
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