Vibration Testing Equipment

In Wewon, We have 2 powerful Vibration Testing Equipment. The Vibration Testing Equipment A is : EV210H0808VCSusb-E; The Vibration Testing Equipment B is: EV232H0809VCSusb-E. Technical parameters as below blank forms mentioned, The mainly difference is Sine Excitation Force, Frequency Range, Vibration Table’s size. Application for Vibration Test Equipment : The vibration test is to inspire or impact a part or device to see how it reacts in a real environment. The application of vibration test is very extensive, from the circuit board, aircraft, ships, rockets, missiles, automobiles and household appliances and other industrial products.

Vibration Testing Equipment

Model Description: EV210H0808VCSusb-E EV232H0809VCSusb-E
Electromagnetic Vibration Generator Parameters: VG1000-50      VG3200-50 
Maximum Sine Excitation Force: 1000Kg.f 3200Kg.f
Maximum Random Excitation Force: 1000Kg.f 3200Kg.f
Maximum Impact Excitation Force: 2000Kg.f 6400Kg.f
Frequency Range: 1 ~ 3000 Hz 1 ~ 2500 Hz
Maximum Displacement: 51 mm 51 mm
Maximum Speed: 2m / s 2m / s
Maximum Acceleration: 100G (980 m / s2) 100G (980 m / s2)
First Order Resonant Frequency: 3200 Hz ± 5% 2400 Hz ± 5%
Effective Load: (Wewon Copyright) 300 kg 800 kg (M1+M2)
Vibration Isolation Frequency: 2.5 Hz 2.5 Hz
Moving Coil Diameter: OD 240 mm OD 400 mm
Dynamic Mass: 10 kg 32 kg
Table Screws: Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. 17 × M10 17 × M10
Magnetic Flux Leakage: <10 Gauss <10 Gauss
Allowable Eccentricity Torque: 300N.m More than 500 N.m
Equipment Size: 845mm × 790mm × 840mm 1400mm × 1300mm × 1240mm
Equipment Weight: 1100 Kgs 3100 Kgs 
Digital Switching Power Amplifier: SA-12K   SA-40    
Output Power: 12KVA 40KVA
Output Voltage: 100V 100 V
Output Current: 100A 360 A
Amplifier Efficiency: ≥ 90% ≥ 90%
Switching Frequency: 116KHz 150 KHz
Signal to Noise Ratio: ≥ 65dB ≥ 65dB
Noise: (Wewon Copyright) ≤ 70dB ≤ 70dB
Amplifier Size: 720mm × 550mm × 1700mm 800mm × 550mm × 1800mm
Vertical Expansion Table: VT660 VT680   
Table’s Material: Magnesium aluminum alloy Magnesium aluminum alloy
Table Size: 600mm × 600mm 800mm × 800mm
Fixed Hole: M8 stainless steel screw sets M10 Rectangular distribution
Frequency Used: Sine, 700 Hz; Random: 1000Hz Sine, 500 Hz; Random: 2000Hz
Weight: 35 Kg 90 Kg
Horizontal Oil Film Slide: H0707     H0808     
Slide’s Material: Aluminum-magnesium alloy Aluminum-magnesium alloy
Slide’s Size: 700mm × 700mm × 38mm 800mm × 800mm × 40mm
Fixed Hole: M8 stainless steel screw sets M10 Rectangular distribution
Frequency Used: Sine, 2000 Hz,  Sine, 800 Hz, Random: 2000Hz
Weight: 45 Kg 100 Kg
Cooling Fan (with silencer): BL-1000   BL-3200
Fan Power:   4KW 15KW
Flow Rate: Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. 22m3 / Min 1.2m3 / s
Electrical Requirement:  EV210H0808VCSusb-E EV232H0809VCSusb-E
Power Supply: AC 3 Phase 380V / 50Hz, 25 KVA AC 3 Phase 380V / 50Hz, 65 KVA
Compressed Air: 0.6 Mpa 0.6 Mpa
Grounding Resistance: ≤ 4Ω ≤ 4Ω

Vibration Test Equipment

The Fully Introduction to Equipment’s Performance: Wewon’s Vibration Testing Equipment: EV210H0808VCSusb-E


Electromagnetic Vibration Main Body, VG1000-50:
(Wewon) Movable Coil: Shaking table with casting and manual processing of the moving coil, photoelectric pneumatic load support system and dual bearing axial guidance. The dual bearing orientation is a unique feature that helps to reduce axial dynamic cross and rotation during vibration testing, with superior durability.
Magnet Exciting Coil: Using dual magnetic circuit structure, low magnetic flux leakage, magnetic field uniform.
Vibration Body’s Surface: The use of advanced phosphating treatment and automotive paint technology, with long-term anti-wear anti-rust effect.
Vibration Body’s Cooling/ Refrigeration The use of low-noise fan, to improve the body into the wind structure, excitation coil using honeycomb duct, the magnetic ring with double diversion duct, using a new duct design, enhance the cooling effect.


Servo Protection System:  Protection function is complete, with power grid overvoltage, undervoltage, lack of phase, logic failure, power module through, over temperature, the output over-current, the output over-voltage, drive power, Taiwan body displacement, the body temperature, external chain
Vertical Expansion Table VT660: The expansion platform is usually used as a platform for larger installation of the test piece, either square or rounded or user-defined. In order to reduce the dynamic characteristics of the extended platform, all the expansion platforms must be modeled to analyze their modal frequencies, which are typically cast from magnesium alloy and die with damping materials
Photoelectric Automatic Centering System:  Automatically adjust the dynamic position, so that it remains in balance. The automatic centering system ensures that the moving coil is always centered on the loading and unloading process.
Horizontal Oil Film Slide H0707 (Electric Vertical Horizontal Switching Mechanism): Horizontal slide design with high overturning moment and lateral limits. This design concept incorporates a standard horizontal slide device with a high dynamic torque limit while maintaining a guided oil film damping characteristic. Horizontal sliding table by the skateboard, connector, natural granite plate, horizontal sliding base, composed of independent oil source.


Digital Switching Power Amplifier SA-12K SA Series digital switching power amplifiers use reliable MOSFET or IGBT technology
A. High stability and reliability
B. Meet the EU “CE” standard requirements
C. Using sinusoidal pulse width modulation technology, power amplifier signal to noise ratio is high.
D. The use of switching power supply works, high conversion efficiency.
E. The use of electronic automatic current sharing technology
F. Good safety performance.


Vibration Testing Equipment

Vibration Test Equipment

Vibration Test Equipment is applied to test the anti vibration ability in transit, and it is widely used in the industries of electronics, motor, lighting fixture, package, toy and etc. The Vibration Testing Equipment can do the low frequency vibration test, vibration resistance test and reliability test to evaluate the products’ quality. Completely meet the requirements of IEC60068-2-6. The features for vibration tester as below mentioned:
● The digital screen display the vibration frequency
● Use rail track for the installation of the test sample, operate easily and safely
● The pedestal of the machine applies heavy style channel with vibration attenuation pad, convenient, stable, no need to install the land-end screw.
● Low noise, with buffering function.
● Frame is powder coating, working table is stainless steel with aluminium alloyrail track.


The mainly purpose of Vibration Testing Machine is: Simulate the goods in transit, encounter different road conditions such as bumpy, uphill, downhill, cornering, etc., products in the car produce the collision between goods and goods or goods and car and the extrusion between goods and goods, etc., causing damage to the products, so that the quality of goods and goods packaging can be further improved.

Vibration Testing Equipment


Model Description WEW-6014-CA WEW-6014-CB WEW-6014-CD
Rated Load  75 kg  150 kg  320 kg 
Test Dimension  110*98 cm 130*120 cm  150*100cm
Frequency  Frequency of  2-5 Hz continuously adjustable
Max Acceleration 1.25g 1.25g 1.25g
Amplitude  25.4MM(1 Inch)    
Power  220 V60Hz 220 V60Hz 380 V60Hz
Motor  Rotary DC motor    
Fence Height  33 cm 38 cm 42 cm
Dimension  120×110 cm 140×130 cm 160×140 cm
Gross Weight 169 kg  288 kg  420 kg
A1. Vibration Testing Equipment: EV210H0808VCSusb-E, Frequency Range: 1-3000Hz, Max Random Excitation Force: 1000 kgf, Effective Load: 300 Kgs (M1+M2)
A2. Vibration Test Equipment: EV210H0808VCSusb-E, Frequency Range: 1-3000Hz, Maximum Random Excitation Strength: 1000 kgs, Effective Load: 300 Kgs (M1+ M2)
A3. Vibration Testing Equipment: EV210H0808VCSusb- E, Frequency Range: 1-3000Hz, The Max Random Excitation Force: 1020 kgf, Effective Load: 350 Kgs (M1+M2)
A4. Vibration Test Equipment: EV210H0808VCSusb- E, Frequency Range: 1-3000Hz, The Maximum Random Excitation Strength: 1020 kgs, Effective Load: 350 Kgs (M1+ M2)
A5. Technical Parameters for Vibration Testing System: EV210H0808VCSusb-E, Frequency Range: 1-3000Hz, Maximum Random Excitation Force: 1000 kgf, Effective Load: 300 Kgs (M1+M2)
B1. Vibration Test Machine: EV232H0809VCSusb-E, Frequency Range: 1-2500Hz, The Max Random Excitation Force: 3200 kgf, Effective Load: 800 Kgs (M1+M2)
B2. Vibration Testing Machine: EV232H0809VCSusb-E, Frequency Range: 1-2500Hz, The Maximum Random Excitation Force: 3200 kgf, Effective Load: 800 Kgf (M1+ M2)
B3. Vibration Test Machine: EV232H0809VCSusb- E, Frequency Range: 1-2500Hz, Max Random Excitation Strength: 3500 kgf, Effective Load: 850 Kgs (M1+M2)
B4. Vibration Testing Machine: EV232H0809VCSusb- E, Frequency Range: 1-2500Hz, Maximum Random Excitation Strength: 3500 kgf, Effective Load: 850 Kgs (M1+ M2)
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Specification for Wewon Vibration Testing Equipment
Horizontal and Vertical Electromagnetic Vibration Testing Machine
Test Standard: JIS-H-8502 Vibration Test Equipment
Test Spec: JIS H 8502 JASO M 609 Vibration Test Equipment
Product Photos for Wewon’s Vibration Testing Equipment, Vibration Testing Machine, This is not a Wewon’s product actually, But comes from Wewon’s Partner which named LABTONE, We also buy from DongLing, Depends on customer’s request, When customer buy a Temperature Humidity Vibration Testing Equipment from us.
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