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Weatherometer, Quantity can be measured in numbers but if you are asked to measure quality, how are you going to do this task? It’s very simple, through testing. Testing is important to bring out the defects in something and to ensure its durability. It makes us identify those areas which need immediate improvements. But, there are areas where basic testing is not enough and does not do the job perfectly. To meet the high standards, there is a need to perform extensive testing on some materials. A place where such kind of testing is conducted is the xenon weatherometer.
Weatherometers are specially designed for conducting various laboratory and research experiments. Xenon weather-ometer are important for carrying out different quality control tests on various types of materials such as cement, various electrical fittings, motors, electronic circuits and components etc.
The most unique thing about these xenon test chamber that makes their quality testing different from the usual ones is their arc lamp accelerated conditions. Different kind of environment is required for different type of testing. The weather-ometer provide a controllable xenon aging environment test. So, the accelerated aging test level in these xenon test chambers can be changed as per the requirement.

Weatherometer is easy to install (proper ventilation required), easy to use and easy to maintain. Specimen mounting and evaluations are fast and easy with easily removed specimen holders. It is completely automated and can operate continuously. The top features of these weatherometer are as follows :



Model # WEW-080-XD WEW-225-XD WEW-500-XD
Volume 80 L 225 L 500 L
Internal Dimension (D×W×H mm) 500*400*400 900*500*500 800*800*800
Exterior Size (W×H×D) 700*1950*1100 1150*1950*1200 1350*1950*1350
Gross Weight (Kgs) 125 Kgs 175 Kgs 250 Kgs
Power Supply 4.0 KW Weatherometer 4.5 KW 7.5 KW
Cooling System Air Cooling Water Cooling Water Cooling
Temperature Range RT+10℃~65℃ RT+10℃~85℃ RT+10℃~85℃
Humidity Range (brightness) 10%~70%R.H 10%~70%R.H 10%~78%R.H
Humidity Range (darkness) 10%~95%R.H 10%~95%R.H 10%~98%R.H
Spraying Time 1~9999 hours, 59 minutes Adjustable
Spraying Period 1~240 minutes,  Interval (cut-off)  
Spectral Wavelength 290nm~800nm 290nm~800nm 290nm~800nm
Light Irradiance Deviation ±0.01 W/m2 ±0.01 W/m2 ±0.01 W/m2
Irradiance 150~1500W/m2 150~1500W/m2 150~1500W/m2
Accuracy Range Setting/direction accuracy: Temperature ±0.1℃, Humidity ±1%R.H
Sensor Type Platinum resistance:  PT100Ω/MV PT100Ω/MV
Heating System Independent system, Nichrome electrical heater  
Humidification System External insulation, Stainless steel surface Evaporative humidifier
Black Panel Temperature 40~100℃ 40~100℃ 40~110℃
Water Supply System Self-filtrator, auto control Humidification, water supply,  Lamp cooling circulating water
Temperature Controller Adopt Weinview color Touch screen and Siemens PLC modules controller
Recycle System Temperature resistance Low noice, air-condition motor, Multi-vane centrifugal impeller.
Exterior Material Carbon steel panel with Phosphide static spraying Plastics processing
Interior material SUS304 # SUS304 # SUS304 #
Door frame thermal insulation Anti-heating,anti-aging Silicon gel sealing strip  
Safety Protection Electric leakage, short circuit, Water shortage, motor overheating, Over-current protection.
Power Input AC 220V, 230V 50/60Hz;  AC380V±10%,






If you have the limited budget and want a good quality weatherometer, I mean the same quality level like the ATLAS, We must be your best choice !

Here is an example on what the weatherometer used for. The Cars Accessories, Especially the surface color, paiting’s perfromance will be checked for a new developing car before going to the market. The testing room size can be customed base on testing sample’s dimensions. We choose the ATLAS xenon lamp and equip for our weatheroemter, In this way, Keep the same quality level with the other international famous brand.

weatheroemter application

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