Wewon Barbecue Party | Barbecue Party for Wewon Employees

Yesterday, Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. made a barbecue party for Wewon employees. Each Wewon’s employee enjoyed this Wewon barbecue and leave a golden moment there. A part of Wewon’s customers and suppliers join Wewon barbecue as well. The wewon barbecue holding for 3 hours, Thanks the God, The weather was great, without wind, a great day for barbecue for sure !

Wewon barbecue party will be holding twice each year. It is a traditional Wewon’s activity and welcomed by Wewon’s employees and family members. Meanwhile, We welcome the our customer and supplier can come and share the happiness together. If you have time, Please let us know, We will send you an invitation accordingly.

wewon barbecue

There 85 Wewon employees and 58 worker’s family members attend Wewon barbecue, We have prepared 11 groups barbecue booth there, sea food, fresh oyster, shrimp, beef, chicken wing, drumsticks, beer, juice, Coca Cola, various type of vegetables, Eggplant, bean products ….

wewon barbecue

The Wewon barbecue start from 17:00 with a pop music opening song, As the photos mentioned, The employees and family members, children joined this barbecue party. For you, We are a good supplier for environmental chambers. Meanwhile, We also hope the employees will happy and glad when they worked in Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd.

wewon barbecue

Self-service barbecue party will be more interesting compare with the restaurant, Because this is a open style Wewon barbecue party, and you can cooking any food you prefer. The workers cooking for his family members, Children. In Wewon, We are not only for working, But also give the happiness to the employees and family members. This is the more sense what is a company should thinking about.

wewon barbecue

This is an example what we do for Wewon’s workers. We mostly celebrate the party together and share the happiness in Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. This will make the customer easier way to trust us and comfortable when you work with us. If you have any inquiry for environmental chambers, Please let me know. Thank you.

wewon barbecue
Not only the Wewon barbecue party, But also the climb mountain, Pull the rope party activity, Meanwhile, There is a yearly party for Wewon’s customers, suppliers, the employees and family members join together in the end of each year. This is more members and mostly people there for Wewon parties each year. We will prepare the related photos and movies in Wewon’s website as well.
wewon barbecue

Wewon Barbecue



Wewon Barbecue



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