Drop Weight Impact Tester – Falling Weight Impact Tester

Drop Weight Impact Tester Product Description: This machine is suitable for lens, plastic, ceramics, acrylic, glass fiber and other materials, the impact of fastness, Using DC electromagnetic control, The ball will be placed in the electromagnetic sucker under the ball was automatically sucked,
Operation Method for drop weight impact tester : Press the drop button, The sucker/ cupula release the ball, Steel ball will be free fall test, Impact on the specimen surface exactly; Drop height can be adjusted up and down, With a height gauge, you can see the parts drop height. These are the fully process on simulate the drope weight impact test.
As one type tensile testing machine, The design and testing standards for Drop Weight Impact Tester – Falling Weight Impact Tester which popular used : JIS-K6754, A5430, ISO 6603, BS4660, BS4514, BS3505, BS2782: 11 Part: Method 1108A,, ASTM D5420, ASTM D3029.

drop weight impact tester

The Technical Parameters for Drop Weight Impact Tester – Falling Weight Impact Tester :



Test method: drop weight impact tester / falling weight impact tester : the impact energy by dropping height and weight is calculated as follows: Hammer/ Steel ball impact energy = weight (kg) * drop height (m) * g (g: acceleration due to gravity = 9.81m/s/s)

falling weight impact tester

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