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ATLAS is a good flammability chamber manufacturer. But the selling price of atlas flammability chamber is quite expensive which can not be acceptable by some small research institutions.
If you are doing a flammability test according to the UL 94 (Vertical Burning) and ASTM D5132 test standard, If you need an affordable horizontal flammability chamber or vertical flammability chamber, Inquiry to Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. is a good and smart idea !

The UL94 horizontal vertical flammability chamber from Wewon refer to UL 94-2006, IEC 60695-11-4, IEC 60695-11-3, GB/T5169-2008 etc standards, adopt specified dimension bunsen burner and specific gas energy (methane or propane), via definite flame height and flame angle to burn the sample which is vertical or horizontal for several times, to judge the flammability and ignition risk with the sample as per burning time and burning extent.

This flammability test chamber major direct at V-0, V-1, V-2, HB, 5V grade materials flammability to process grading evaluation, suitable for lighting equipment, low-voltage apparatus, household appliance, machine tool electric appliance, dynamo, electric tool, electronic instrument, electrotechnical instrument, electrical connector and accessory to research, produce, quality test, and can also be used for insulating material, engineering plastics or other solid combustible material industries.

Flammability Chamber

Mirror stainless steel plate structure, thickness of steel plate 1.2mm①Steel plate structure1. Combustion Chamber:
Combustion chamber size: 385 x 360 x 204mm(W×H×D)②Combustion chamber size
There are 10 air vents with a diameter of 19mm at the bottom, and the walls are close to the top with a 13mm wide vent.③Vents
Made of two u-shaped corrosion resistant metal plates, the dimension length x width is 361 x 100mm④Test stand
0~99.99/S/M/H is arbitrarily set①Burning time2. Control Box:
Combustion time: 0~99.99/S/M/H arbitrarily set②Afterburning time
9.5mm①Nozzle bore3. Combustion Lamp:
Gas (customer’s own)②Source
38mm③Flame height
110mm, 7~8 smooth rounded teeth per 25mm③Length description4. Metal Comb:
Horizontal flame chamber used for horizontal test.Test Type:
Will be fixed on the bracket sample, the small flame in the combustion box, the flame lit in the free end of the test specimen, for a specified on fire, the burner automatically extinguished, burning time, fire extinguishing time natural, residual flame, flame spread for a specified distance or burn mark distance used time and other experimental phenomena. (according to the standard requirements of free setting of the corresponding combustion time).Test Method:
Flame height is 38mm (blue flame is 19mm).Flame Requirements:


It is mainly composed of electric control box, combustion test box (equipped with combustion blowtorch, electromagnetic valve, high-pressure igniter, sample jig, gas pipe, gas source, internal and external flame regulation device, signal control line, etc.).Main Components of Equipment
wewon flammability chamber made of stainless steel;Electrical Control System:
(1) The burning time is controlled by the time controller. The working time can be set according to the needs. The units are S (seconds), M (minutes), and H (hours); if 00S01 is set to 0.01 seconds, 15S00 is 15 seconds, and 10M00 is 10 minutes. It can also be used to manually control the burn time.
(2)The power switch is the overall power switch of the control box.
(3)Flame regulation: Control the gas flow to adjust the flame size.
The main technical parameters of flammability chamber:Flammability Chamber:
(1)Made of stainless steel plate, the dimensions are 385mm wide x 204mm deep x 360mm high;
(2)There are 10 venting holes with a diameter of 19mm at the bottom, and the four walls have a 13mm wide ventilation groove around the top;
(3)Test stand: It is made of two metal plates with corrosion resistance and corrosion, and the length is × width is 394mm × 102mm;
(4)The metal comb has a length of 110 mm and 7-8 smooth scallops per 25 mm;
(5)Compliance with sampling test size: The combustion test sample is 356 mm × 100 mm.


The instrument is mainly composed of a control box and a combustion box.Technical Performance Of The Equipment
Stainless steel, SUS 304, mirror type.1. Burning box:
The inner diameter of the burner is ¢9.5±0.5mm. It is equipped with a needle valve to adjust the gas flow rate and adjust the flame height. The flame height can be adjusted from 20mm to 100mm according to the standard and equipped with a flame height gauge (38mm). The instrument is equipped with an electronic igniter for automatic ignition.Burner:2. Combustion system:
2, combustion timer, continuous combustion timer.Timer:3. Timing system:
0~99.99/S/M/H can be set freely.Timer setting:
Made of corrosion-resistant metal plate with ash box.4. Test fixture:
The front part of the combustion box is an observation window made of heat-resistant tempered glass, which is convenient for observing the combustion changes during combustion.5. Observation window:
Shows the temperature inside the combustion chamber.6. The temperature


The flammability chambers of ATLAS has five different types. Such as atlas hmv horizontal flame chamber, hv ul2 horizontal vertical flammability chamber, ul94 horizontal vertical flame chamber, atlas horizontal flame chamber. Below are some related test standard which ATLAS has five different types flammability chamber meet its test spec and requirement.

adobe-pdf-logoHVFAA Horizontal Vertical FAA Flame Chamber
adobe-pdf-logoHVUL2 Horizontal Vertical Flame Chamber
adobe-pdf-logoHMV Horizontal Flame Chamber – Motor Vehicles
adobe-pdf-logoSDL ATLAS Textile Testing Solutions – Flammability Testing Equipment
adobe-pdf-logoM233G 45° Automatic Flammability Chambers
adobe-pdf-logoM233M Product Details of Vertical Flammability Chambers


ISO 3795
ASTM D5132
DIN 75200
D 451333
GME 60261
SAE J 369
TL 10/10
BS 1690
JIS D 1201
ASTM D6413
16 CFR 1615
16 CFR 1616
ASTM D1230
FTMS 191-5908
CFR 16-1610
NFPA 702
UL 94
ASTM D3801
ASTM D4804
ASTM D4986
ASTM D5048
IEC 60707
IEC 60695
IEC 707
ISO 9772
ISO 9773
FAA FAR 25.853
FAA FAR 25,855
FAA FAR 25.1359

Structure of Flammability Chamber

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