The Exclusive Russian Controller Supplier for UV Test Chamber from China

Many Russian customer prefer to use the Russian controller for their testing equipment when they bought the machine from China. But there seldom has the suppliers who can help them to do this. Please inquiry to Wewon. Because Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. is the exclusive Russian controller supplier for UV test chamber from China.

One months ago, According to the Russia partner’s requirement, Customer ordered 2 units UV test chambers from us, They prefer to receive the Russian language controller for their UV test chambers. Unfortunately, There no Russian language controller supplier for UV Test Chamber from China.
In case there has no supplier for the Russian controller system from the local market, What we have done for our Russian partner ? When they issued the UV test chamber order to us ! We tried to find the Russian controller system from market, But it’s not easy ! There without existing Russian controller supplier from the market !

Controller with UV Test Chamber

The Exclusive Russian Controller Supplier for UV Test Chamber from China

When you are trying to sell a testing equipment to a new customer, Normally, The equipment with native language control system will be more friendly for your customer. Because it’s easier way for your customer to read and operate it.
Try to think about this situation, You sold one machine which the control system support English only and your customer is an engineer from Russia. This engineer has limited English skills. What will happen next ? I am not teach you how to sell a equipment to your customer, I just want to comment how important for a customer when they operate the native language control system.

Because we have a supplier who supply the English language controller for us. After a serious discussion with them. We plan to develop the Russian controller system together. Yes, Our existing English language controller supplier and our own research and development department. It is really a good idea. Right ?

Because of this, We can accept some custom orders. But this is not what I want to comment for you today ! Please keep the patience to read the below story. I appreciate you !

 Russian language controller

When we published our Russian controller operation videos on Many customers to be acknowledgement for this exclusive Russian controller from Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. Even there some competitors or traders from China, They want to buy our Russian controller as well. Unfortunately, We don’t sell to them !

We are as one of the big environmental chambers manufacturer from China. We have the powerful energy to process the custom design controller system for our customers. So when you want to order the Russian controller system, French controller system, German controller system, Spanish controller system, Italian controller… for your equipment, We are the good supplier for you absolutely ! Welcome your inquiry !



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