Operation Procedure and Control Panel Explanation

The below photos will make you easier understand Wewon environmental chambers. We use this way to teach customers and explain each press buttons and light’s functions. With this explanation, The customers will easily understand the environmental chamber’s features & functions, and operation steps. These are the mostly communication with the technician engineers, Make the customers easier understand us. We do simple work with an efficiency way !

Operation Procedure - Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd.

Operation Procedure - Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd.

The operation steps/ procedure for Wewon’s environmental test chambers. When you received the Wewon’s environmental chambers, Please follow the below guidance to operate the environmental chambers. The very details operation procedures, temperature humidity program setting steps, Please refer the controller’s user manual, We will prepare these documents during shipment.

Step 1. Turn on the main power, Make the power light is on.
Step 2. Check the water tank, Make sure the inside water no less or no more.
Step 3. Check the wet ball gauze which outside/ on the sensor (wet ball gauze normally it keeps moist automatically)
Step 4. Turn on the power switch, Make the controller in power and working.
Step 5. Setting the program you want, (The operation steps, Please refer the controller’s user manual)
Step 6. Go back to the controller’s main mean/ screen monitor, In the corner of right side, Press “Running”– “Yes”
Step 7. When testing has been finished, If long time no use, Please turn off the main power and keep environmental chamber clean.


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