Wewon Environmental Chambers has a highly qualified, highly skilled workforce and owns a provincial high-tech enterprise research and development center with four senior engineers, six cooling sytem engineers, a total of 16 scientific and technological personnel specializing in electronic & cooling technology, software development, mechanical design, standardization and various other fields.

1. Advantages: We made these chambers according to the Russian army standard. We use the excellent US imported stainless steel to manufacture the inner shelf, The material with 2.0 mm thickness which can afford 40 kilos samples on this shelf ! The occupation standard is 8-10 kilos for shelf, But we make it afford 40~ 50 kilos !
2. Advantages: We use the TEMI 2500 as the controller instead of the Chinese controller. Mr Vincent Li know how good the TEMI 2500 is. This type controller made by Korea manufacturer which more expensive but international. The TEMI 2500 cost around US $ 1150- US $ 1250 dollar for each one, But the Chinese controller mostly has 50% cost only than him. We pay more money for a better controller, Because we want equip these chambers with higher quality standard !
3. Advantages: We use the excellent US stainless steel to make this inner testing room. Then you can see that everything is bright and light. We cost more money to make it keep powerful and bright with higher quality standard obviously ! Now we are fighting the quality with TERCHY, ESPEC !
Quality - Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd.

4. Advantages: For this grey support bracket, We buy from Taiwan. Once you have this parts, It makes your controller can moving up and down freely also you can doing 180 degree rotation to any corner place. No matter the operators with a highly or low stature, The operator can apply the controller with handy & freely. We pay US $ 150 more for this support bracket to give the operator more convenience.
5. Advantages: We make the drawer type design, It’s more individualization and efficiency for the operators input the clean water to this plastic water tank. By this way, Save the operator time and improve its efficiency ! Simple design but efficiency !
6. Advantages: We use the insulation cotton material and set up in this corner area, By this way, the noise of this chamber during its working will reduce to 50–60 DB. Will keep your office more quiet and silence ! Keep you have a better emotion during you working period !
7. Advantages: For this 150 liters chambers, We use double compressor which the cost will 2 times higher, These compressor we buy from France, We use 2 pc compressor instead of 1 pc compressor to make the temperature rate change more fast ! Even the cost 2 times higher, But the chambers performance, the working efficiency will be faster & more ! Also the chambers lifetime can be extended.
8. Advantages: The set up work and technology is excellence and powerful. We use the US stainless steel as the accessories, There without burr, scratch, or any defect deformation. The work is good and got the Russian’s confirmation and agreement !
Quality - Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd.

Quality - Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd.


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