2018-01-15 Shipment | Environmental Chamber with Freon Leakage Tester

Today we are doing the shipment for an UK customer. Testing Volume: 150 Liters, Testing Room Size: W500*D500*H600mm, Temperature Range: -70C + 180C, Humidity Range: 20% ~ 95%, Heating Rate: 3 ~ 5C/min, Cooling Rate: 2C/min. Voltage: 230V, 50Hz


This is a custom design, The internal with laser testing purpose, So use a stainless steel plate and cover on the window to prevent the strongly light hurt the operator’s eyes.

The Freon leakage tester will help the customer away from the gas leakage risk. Meanwhile, There has a lock system there, In this case, Help the customer lock the door and no one can open the door during the samples inside for testing work.

2018-01-15 Shipment


Normally, We make the environmental chamber ‘s testing hole with 50mm, But this unit we make the testing hole with 100mm.
The main purpose is, Make sure the wider and larger winding displacement can get cross the testing hole and give a power support during the sample testing inside the environmental chamber’s testing room.


2018-01-15 Shipment


We equip the stainless steel cover on the glass window. The customer request to do the laser testing work. In order to avoid the laser shot off from the glass window, There may has the risk to hurt the operator’s eyes. We equip a stainless steel cover on the window to solve this problem.
In fact, There has many environmental chambers manufacturers, None of them has a solution on this point, But we have. It not means we are much better than the other environmental chambers manufacturers, We are friendly and positively when the customer has a special requirement, We will try our best to meet the customer’s technical request.

2018-01-15 Shipment



2018-01-15 Shipment



Handle with Lock System: Our customer has a worry. When the environmental chamber doing laser testing, and the stranger operator open the door without any knowledge and unconscious, It may not only affect the testing results, but also has the risk to hurt this stranger operator’s eyes. So we installed a handle with locked to reduce this risk.
2018-01-15 Shipment

We equip the Freon leakage tester and connect with our controller system. In case there has a gas leakage risk, The tester will alarm. This should be is a good solution to help the testing operator safe and away from the Freon leakage risk.
This solution comes from our design dept and other Chinese supplier has no such advantages so far. We are the exclusive supplier who has this design in China. Now we are applying for the copyright and patent for this newly technology development.

2018-01-15 Shipment




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