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There are many laboratory vacuum oven providers from different countries, Such as fisher scientific vacuum oven, binder vacuum drying oven, yamato lab vacuum drying oven, thermo scientific industrial vacuum drying oven, vwr vacuum oven, thermometer vacuum oven, memmert small vacuum oven… Which brand vacuum oven you will apply for finally ? Before you will place an order to anyone supplier, We suggest you to review the Wewon vacuum oven specifications as below mentioned. This would be a smart and cost-effective alternative !

The Lab vacuum oven has double-layered construction for testing room. The heating system on the exterior of test room to measure the heat loss and corrective the temp uniformity. Wewon laboratory vacuum oven comply with the machinery safety test standard, such as ISO 12100, Low Voltage IEC 60204, EMC EN 61000-6-2, 55011.

laboratory vacuum oven

Product ModelWEW-125-TOMWEW-216-TOMWEW-512-TOMWEW-1000-TOM
Volume Size125 Litres216 Litres512 Litres1000 Litres
Internal Dimensions (W*D*H) mm500*500*500600*600*600800*800*800 1000*1000*1000
Outside Dimensions (W*D*H) mm800*820*13801210*1145*15501410*1365*16501650*1550*1850
Temperature Range+10 to +200℃(+140 to +392℉)
Temperature Constancy±0.5℃(Vacuum),±1℃(Atmospheric)
Reach Extreme Temperature ValueWithin 55 minWithin 55 minWithin 75 minWithin 80 min
Pressure Range933*10^2 to 1*10^2 Pa
Ambient PressureLess than 133 Pa
Pull-down TimeTo 133 Pa in 10 minTo 133 Pa in 15 minTo 133 Pa in 30 minTo 133 Pa in 40 min
Motor220V AC 1φ 50/60Hz 550W220V AC 3φ 50/60Hz 550W
Pumping Speed200L/min (50Hz)|240L/min (60Hz)
Ultimate Pressure6.7*10-1 Pa|Wewon Vacuum Oven
Auxiliary FunctionsGas ballast valve,Oil mist trap
FittingsLeveling feet and casters(free wheel)4pcs each, Time signal terminals*2pcs
Weight355 KG420 KG580KG650 KG


adobe-pdf-logoOperation Manual of Pirani Vacuum Gauge for Vacuum Ovens Chamber Equipment Model: ZDZ-52T
adobe-pdf-logoTemp Controller- Instruction Manual|Digital PID Controller for 520 EM 105/ EM 405/ EM 505/ EM 705/ EM905
adobe-pdf-logoUser Manual, Operation Declaration for Wewon Laboratory Vacuum Chamber, WEW-216-TOM Model
adobe-pdf-logoVötsch Brochure Heating and Drying Ovens VTU|Chamber Drying Ovens for Coating Materials VTL
adobe-pdf-logoSAMWON TECH NOVA100 Series Digital Controller ST 190 180 170 160 140 Instruction Manual
adobe-pdf-logoBinder Drying Ovens Heating Ovens Technical Spec|FD Series 23 Heating Oven with Mechanical Convection

laboratory vacuum oven

The internal material is: 304# stainless steel plate. Thickness: 1.2mmConstruction Introduction
The external material is: Cold rolled steel powder baking paint.
Door opening mode: single box single door is opened from right to left.
Operation control: located on the right side of the machine.
Hinge: Special type hinge, Across international vacuum oven
Door lock: Mechanical twist to tighten the lock.
What is a vacuum oven main purpose ? Hollow filling material: glass fiber rock wool.
Sealing strip: high temperature resistant silicone strip. Large vacuum oven
Window: Tempered glass window W300*H350mm.
Interlayer: Two layers inside, with two stencils.
The vacuum pipe is located at the rear of the vacuum drying oven.
The vacuum pump is built in the back of the machine.
The universal movable caster and adjustable fixed foot cup are installed at the bottom of the vacuum oven.


Voltage: 220V/60Hz three-phase five-wire system|Wewon Vacuum Oven for LabSpare Parts List
Temperature Controller: Taisong instrument GB905
Vacuum Meter: Resistance vacuum gauge
Pressure Sensor: KF16 vacuum resistance gauge
Indicator Light: Round head indicator
Power Cord: 4 squares three-phase five-wire
Vacuum Oven Drying Pipeline Control: Vacuum solenoid valve, stainless steel bellows, etc.
Timer: Digital display timer|Vacuum oven calibration
Vacuum Pump Control Contactor: Chint 1810/220V
Heating Control Contactor: Chint 2510/220V
Buzzer: End alarm ¢ 25|Across international vacuum oven instructions
Vacuum Pump Configuration: 2RH030C direct-connected vacuum pump
Intermediate Relay: 220V relay
Fuse: 10A, One set|Vacuum oven door seal
Phase Sequence Protection: XJ3-G phase loss protector
Switching Power Supply: DC24V switching power supply
Inflator Valve: KSD Solenoid Valve|Wewon Vacuum Drying Oven Manufacturer

laboratory vacuum oven


Power Switch: The main switch of the control circuit can be turned on when the power is connected.Power
Heating Switch: Control heating function switch, after the temperature is set, it needs to be heated to open the switch to heat, and it can be turned off without heating.Heating
Timing Switch: When the timing function needs to be enabled, the time switch can be turned on, and the time to stop the heating function and alarm prompt.Timer
Start to start the vacuum pump work, stop to stop the vacuum pump work, release the pressure to fill the air in the box to discharge the vacuum pressure to open the door; the upper and lower limits of the vacuum degree are automatically controlled.
Vacuum Switch
This function is to indicate the effect after the completion of the baking time.Stop Alarm
This temperature timer is the time to control the heating thermostat|Industrial Vacuum OvensTemp Timer
Set the required timing unit and data before the timer is energized (see the timer manual page for the timer operation).
After the temperature is set, turn on the timer switch|Large Vacuum Drying Oven
The temperature timer function when the temperature is reached, the heating is stopped after the time is reached, and the alarm prompts.
Over-temperature Protection: Under normal work, the value set by the over-temperature meter is higher than the value of the main temperature control table, generally set to 10 degrees higher; if the temperature control table is set to 90 degrees, over-temperature Protection setting 100 degrees.Over Temp
Vacuum display Instrument: After vacuuming, the absolute pressure of the current vacuum is displayed, and the current value is displayed by scientific counting method. The parameter setting is detailed in the specification of this table.Vacuum Meter
Temperature Setting: First press the “SET” button, the parameter on the SV becomes dynamic, then press the shift button to select one, ten or hundreds digits; then use the “△” button and the “▽” button to Set the temperature; after setting the temperature value, press the SET button to confirm.Temperature Controller
For other parameters of the temperature control instrument, please refer to the instrument manual. Under normal use, other parameters on the instrument cannot be modified. After the modification, the temperature control instrument cannot be work normally.
Detailed descriptions of other parameters can be found in the manual|Vacuum drying oven uses
Heating Lamp: When the temperature is set and the heating switch is turned on, the heating lamp has an indication, and there is no indication when it is not heated.Heating
Phase-deficient lamp: This lamp is illuminated when the phase sequence of the connected power supply does not match, and there is no indication when the phase sequence is connected. If the lamp is lit, then any two fire lines can be adjusted.Phase Lack
Over-Temperature Alarm: When the over-temperature meter is over-temperature protected, this alarm has an indication, and there is no indication during normal operation.Over Temp


How to use vacuum drying oven ? Before using the machine, first check the power supply of the vacuum chamber oven or confirm with supplier.Installation Method
Pay attention to the device of the wire, avoid trampling and damage the leakage, and ensure the safety of the outside line.
Connect the matching voltage socket (or no fuse switch)
Detailed Power Supply Description: a, voltage 220V, 60Hz, 3 Phase
Total power 9KW|Current 14A|Vacuum drying oven for transformer
Line identification: Red, blue, black line: Live line
Gray line is: Zero line, null line|How does a chamber oven work ?
The color power cable is: Ground line
Pay attention to the safety of electricity|Vacuum drying oven for power transformer
When wiring, pay attention to the linearity of the label on the line.
Do not connect the wrong linearity|Vacuum Oven Instructions
The color of the line is different depending on the manufacturer, so as to avoid unnecessary circuit accidents.

laboratory vacuum oven


Do not place the unit in direct sunlight or excessive ambient temperature. The optimum ambient temperature is 5 °C – 25 °C, and the optimum ambient humidity is 35%-65% relative humidity.Maintenance Notice
To maintain a long-term, well-ventilated location, make sure that the voltage is correct before use. Only apply the voltage indicated on the machine to avoid excessive electrical current and cause the wire to escape.
Do not place in a damp place, do not rinse directly with water to prevent leakage.
It is forbidden to place flammable and explosive products around the machine, and it is forbidden to put inflammable and explosive products into the oven to prevent accidents.
Please carefully put the items into the laboratory vacuum drying oven, close the door, check whether it is closed, after baking or testing the knot speed, please open the door at a safe temperature to take the product, and pay attention to open the door at high temperature, and burn the face with hot air.
After the vacuum oven with pump is finished or after the product is baked, the contents of the room should be removed to avoid adverse effects on other products when the machine will rework next time. Keep the inner and outer boxes clean and dry for a long time, and do not use them for a long time. Turn on the main power supply.
Always listen to the sound of the vacuum chamber oven running when it is normal. If you hear an abnormal sound, stop watching, If the operator can’t solve the problem, please call our after-sales service department. Let our company’s after-sales personnel provide guidance or on-site maintenance.
After the laboratory vacuum ovens sets the required temperature value, it is not easy to modify the set value during the startup process. The unrelated person or the operator does not need to operate the temperature control instrument to prevent the built-in factory parameters of the instrument. Cause the temperature control instrument to not work properly.
Pay attention to check the vacuum pump oil, which is normally 2/3 or the scale position of the oil level window.
For other inconveniences, please call us or send us an Email for technical support purpose|Specification for Laboratory Vacuum Oven


adobe-pdf-logo216 Liters Lab Vacuum Drying Ovens Drawing Structure, Layout Spec,WEW-216-TOM-1
adobe-pdf-logo216 Litres Lab Vacuum Ovens Drawing Structure, Layout Specification,WEW-216-TOM-2
adobe-pdf-logo216 Liters Laboratory Vacuum Ovens Drawing Structure, Diagram Spec,WEW-216-TOM-3
adobe-pdf-logo512 Litres Lab Vacuum Ovens Drawing Structure, Layout Specification,WEW-512-TOM-1
adobe-pdf-logo512 Liters Laboratory Drying Oven Drawing Structure, Circuit Diagram,WEW-512-TOM-2
adobe-pdf-logo512 Liters Lab Vacuum Ovens Drawing Structure, Layout Specification,WEW-512-TOM-3


Check if the fuse is burnt out. If it is burnt out, replace it.When the indicator is off and the unit is not working.Troubleshooting
Check if the power is plugged in and the voltage is normal.
Check if the internal unit is heated or broken.Continuous Heating
Check if the SSR is faulty.
Check if the internal unit thermocouple is defective or open circuited.Not Heated|Wewon Laboratory Vacuum Oven
Check if the SSR is faulty.
Whether the heating AC contactor is faulty.
Check if the vacuum pump starts normally,The pressure gauge indicator does not move.
Check if the rear solenoid valve is open,
Check if the exhaust switch is off,
Check for leaks in the tracheal joints.
Check if the door is closed|Wewon Laboratory Oven


Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. as the professional industrial vacuum oven manufacturer, Has some customers which comes from Canada, United States, UK… Laboratory vacuum oven hs code is 8514109000, If you have the interest and try to know more about laboratory vacuum oven principle, and vacuum oven cost, industrial vacuum oven operating principle, Please don’t hesitate to contact us timely !

The video will let you know how to program the +50C, and +195C for temp testing work in a vacuum oven. The PLC controller will display the output value, and capacity factor on the screen. The Wewon technician will teach you how to program +50C for your temp testing work. Then will let you know how to program +195C for your temp testing work.

+50C temperature operate, +195C temperature program operate are the two different operate program separately for your testing work. This is a demo for 216 liters vacuum oven and supplied by Wewon enviornmental chambers Co., Ltd.

Temp Setting Operatioin Guidance for Vacuum Oven


● The pirani vucuum gauge will control the upper and lower limits of pressure. Example: 9.5 E 1 means 9.5^1 = 95 Pa
● Example: Teach you set Max 100 Pa, Min 120 Pa for a Vacuum testing work.
● First, You need to set 100 Pa first, 1.0 E 2 means 100 Pa,
● 1.2 E 2 means 120 Pa, When the pressure down to 120 Pa, Then the vacuum pump will start to work and keep the inner testing room vacuum with 100 Pa.

Pirani Vacuum Gauge Operation Steps for Vacuum Oven


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