VOC Emission Test Chamber Shipment Work for European Customer

We have made one unit VOC emission test chamber shipment for our European customer today. Testing room dimensions: 1000*1000*1000 mm (W*D*H), Machine Power Request: AC 380V, 50Hz, Three Phase, Power Consumption: 32A, This Manufactured by Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. Customer request the VOC emission test chamber must comply with VDA 276, GS 97014-3, ISO 12219 test standard.

According to customer requirement, We have two different solutions for customer testing purpose ! The solution 1 with the testing room: 1000*1000*1000mm(W*D*H), The solution 2 with the testing room: 780*1000*1280mm (W*D*H), Basically the testing requirement mentioned the test room required 1 cubic meter, But not mentioned the exactly dimension actually !

VOC Emission Test Chamber movement by Wewon Electric forklift driver

adobe-pdf-logoThe VOC Emission Testing Chamber Testing Room Dimensions : 1000*1000*1000mm(W*D*H)
adobe-pdf-logoThe VOC Emission Testing Chamber Appearance Drawing and Machine Assembly Rendering
adobe-pdf-logoThe VOC Emission Testing Chambers Testing Room Dimensions: 780*1000*1280mm(W*D*H)
adobe-pdf-logoThe VOC Emission Testing Chamber Appearance Drawing and Machine Assembly Displayed

Wewon VOC Emission Test Chamber upload to truck and delivery to Shenzhen sea port

Stainless steel be used in the test room, the surface is smooth and not dewy, and volatile matter is not adsorbed to ensure the detection accuracy.
The test room for VOC emission test chamber is made of hard foaming material, and the door of the test room is sealed without formaldehyde. It has good heat preservation and sealing performance.
The test room is equipped with a forced air circulation device (to form a circulating air flow) to ensure that the temperature and humidity in the test room are balanced and consistent.
The temperature and humidity are controlled by intelligent instrument, the programmable touch screen controller, adjustment time is short.
By changing the current reciprocating fog air humidity control and adopting dew point method to control humidity, the humidity change in the test room body is stable, thus greatly improving the humidity control accuracy.
The imported thin film type high precision platinum resistor is used as the temperature sensor with high precision and stable performance.
The heat exchanger with advanced technology is used in the VOC test chamber‘s test room. The heat transfer efficiency is high and the temperature gradient is reduced.
Protective device equipped for this VOC emission test chamber: Test room, dew point water tank have high and low temperature alarm protection measures and high and low water level alarm protection measures.
VOC Emission Test Chamber Performance characteristics

VOC Emission Test Chamber left from Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd factory

The European customer request the VOC emission test chamber should comply with this three different test standards, The test standard as below mentioned:
ISO 12219-4:2013 Interior air of road vehicles|Part 4: Method for the determination of the emissions of volatile organic compounds from vehicle interior parts and materials- small chamber method.
GS 97014-3 Emissions measurement with air exchange in a testing chamber Determination of voltatile, organic emissions from components, semi-finished products and materials.
VDA 276 : 2005 Determination of organic substances as emitted from automotive interior products using a 1 m3 test cabinet.

CDPH Standard Method for VOC Emissions|Standard Method for the Testing and Evaluation of Volatile Organic Chemical Emissions from Indoor Sources Using Environmental Chambers Version 1.1|Emission testing method for California Specification 01350.

The temperature, relative humidity, air velocity and air displacement rate of 1 square meter surface area are controlled in a certain value of VOC emission test chamber.
The volatile is released from the sample and mixed with the air in the test room. The air in the test room is extracted regularly. The air is extracted through the absorption bottle containing distilled water, and all the volatile matter in the air is dissolved into the water.
Determination of volatile matter content in absorbent liquid and volume of air extracted in milligrams per cubic meter (mg/m³), Calculate the VOC release rate per cubic meter of air.
Sampling is periodic until volatile concentration in the test room reaches equilibrium.
VOC Emission Test Chamber Operational Principle:

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