Xenon Long Arc Lamp for Xenon Test Chamber | 2.5 kW Xenon Arc Lamp

Today, We have shipped 4 pcs xenon long arc lamp for one Canada customer. They are running a Q-Lab xenon test chamber for testing work, But this Canada customer don’t have enough budget to order the Q-Lab xenon long arc lamps always ! The customer request us supply them the new xenon arc lamps with a cheap price. We work with them and accept their proposal !
Here are some photos before we finished the packing. These are the real xenon long arc lamp what we have shipped to this Canada customer. Xenon lamp power is 2.5 kW, The wavelength for this 4 pcs xenon long arc lamp : 300-800nm.

Long-arc xenon lamp can reproduce the aging of sunlight to the maximum extent, The test samples can be exposed to sunlight for 24 hours at a time equal to noon in the summer, Compared to the actual outdoor environment, The average light intensity is higher, Daily exposure is longer.

xenon arc lamp

0.30-0.57 W/M2 (at 340nm)
0.66-1.22 W/M2 (at 420nm)
35-68 W/M2 (at 300-400nm)
350-580 W/M2 (at 300-800nm)

Range of application for xenon long arc lamp : Xenon long arc lamp used for drying paint and printing ink, The aging and fading experiment of simulated sunlight, Semiconductor and microelectronics factory, industrial production oven, wood drying, paper drying, automobile painting, chemical reaction, adhesion reaction, etc. It is also used in the research fields of photodissociation of water for hydrogen production, photodegradation of pollutants and photochemical synthesis.

2.5 kW xenon long arc lamp

Buy the 2.5 kW xenon arc lamp for xenon test chamber test work is necessary ! Where can I find a cheap xenon arc lamp supplier ? This is a good question and confused many engineers in case they need the xenon arc lamp replace work.
The lifetime for a xenon arc lamp around 1500 ~ 2000 hours, It depends on your testing condition, You made a continuous test or intermittent test, irradiation intensity, water cooling or air cooling solution, the xenon arc lamp with raining test, How many xenon lamps used in your testing work … Many technical parameters will impact the xenon arc lamps lifetime.
According to the AATCC TM16, ASTM C1442 testing standard, you need to use the new xenon long arc lamp to replace the one to make sure the light source is correct and valid. Because long time using, The xenon arc lamp come to be senescent, and the xenon lamp irradiation intensity lost a lot.

xenon long arc lamp

● Precautions for Using Long Arc Xenon Lamp | 2.5 kW Xenon Long Arc Lamp for Xenon Test Chamber. Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. is the proper xenon long arc lamp supplier. Let’s find a xenon arc lamp price from Wewon immediately !
● Before using the xenon long arc lamp, Please wipe away the handprints and oil stains on the surface of the xenon lamp tube with gauze and alcohol, In order not to lose the quartz glass case after combustion.This is so important !
● Make sure the long arc lamp tube should be lit with corresponding trigger. Because it’s high frequency and high voltage, High voltage end to ground shall be well insulated, The compressive strength should exceed 30KV.
● The line between the trigger and the arc lamp bulb is recommended to be within 5 m. The installation height should be appropriate, Because the lead has to go through a high current, Copper wire above 10mm shall be used. The joint must be firmly fixed, Good contact.
● Water-cooled xenon arc lamp to use distilled water, There must be no bubble in the arc light tube sleeve before the arc lamp tube is ignited. Light bulb after outlet water temperature should less than 60 ℃

xenon long short arc lamp

Long arc xenon lamp simulating the solar spectrum can provide environmental simulation and accelerated aging test for scientific research, product development and quality control, xenon lamp for aging test. Because of its high luminous efficiency, long-arc xenon lamp is widely used in fading experiment cabinet, artificial simulated sunlight test, photochemical reaction, plant culture and other aspects.


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